The Challenge: To design a new icon for Application Insights, an analytics service that helps users understand the performance and usage of web applications. Microsoft brand guidelines dictate that logos must use the Segoe font, so the focus of the design exploration was on the icon rather than typography. 

The project was done in a collaborative team environment, together with designer Bethel Blakesley, coordinator Cherry Wang, and design manager Lena Yeoh. 

All designs and material displayed on this page are Copyright ©Microsoft.

Stage One: Mood board. The design team created a mood board in OneNote to gather images and inspiration based on keywords that describe Application Insights.

Stage Two: Sketches. I explored design possibilities by sketching ideas on paper. 

Stage Three:  Illustrator mock-ups. I continued to refine some of my ideas by creating versions of them in Illustrator. We came up with several hundred design variations. We then narrowed the ideas down and presented the best concepts to the stakeholders.

Stage Four: Variations on the top 6 designs. For the next step, we created variations on the 6 designs that the stakeholders were the most interested in. For the colour scheme they wanted to use either orange or green, so at this stage we decided to create versions using an orange and grey palette.

Stage Five: The stakeholders selected a design showing an arrow in a hexagon shape. They felt that it was a good representation of the product because of it's connection to analytics and moving forward. I then created some variations of the design with different arrow heads, sharp edges, rounded edges, and different colours.

Stage Six: The final design.

Final Word: Before the design was released, Application Insights changed stakeholders and became a part of Microsoft Azure so the design was not used.

All designs and material displayed on this page are Copyright ©Microsoft.

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